Though born in Pretoria, South Africa, Peter decided at the tender age of three to travel the world. Since then he has tasted of both the high and the low life (and can’t decide which he prefers). He has worked in a variety of jobs, including record shop assistant, student, labourer, tarmac spreader, Technical Director of an IBM Agency, IT Manager of a large South African cosmetics company, a Transition Director servicing the UK Public Sector and, currently, resting on his laurels.

Whilst writing is all he really wants to do (that and computer games), no-one has yet offered him enough money to let him do this without having to do anything else (despite having won at least two or three insignificant writing awards). He lives in the East Midlands of the UK now, with his wife Emma, three daughters and two cats, and is currently working on his second novel.


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